Alastair Shipman

Alastair Shipman

Researcher (‘20-‘22)


Alastair is a Research Associate at the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory, Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London. His research focuses on autonomous vehicle-pedestrian interactions, utilising experimental approaches to characterise how pedestrians move and consequently inform AV planning algorithms. He currently works as part of Project D-Risk, running virtual reality experiments on groups of pedestrians.

Alastair joined the Centre for Transport Studies in July 2021, after having completed his PhD in pedestrian dynamics. In his thesis he focused on the investigation of human behavioural responses to terrorist attacks, specifically looking at experimental approaches. He developed a novel methodology for investigating these type of extreme emergencies, satisfying both ecological validity and ethical viability. As part of this, he gathered psychological, physiological, and positional data, informing state-of-the-art models on how pedestrians respond to hostile aggressors.

Prior to his PhD, Alastair worked at BP as a drilling engineer for three years, after obtaining a first-class MEng degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.

  • Experimentation
  • Virtual reality
  • Pedestrian dynamics
  • PhD in Pedestrian Dynamics, 2021

    Imperial College London

  • MEng in Engineering Science, 2013

    Oxford University

Conference Papers