CIVE97219 - Freight Transport

This page hosts the teaching materials for the CIVE97219 module, delivered during Spring 2022. More content will be gradually released during the term, with notifications posted on Teams.

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Course Structure

Part A - Supply Chain Management

Part B - Freight Distribution

  • Week 05 - Optimal Tour Planning (PA)
  • Week 06 - Vehicle Routing (PA)
  • Week 07 - Facility Location Models (PA)

Part C - Applications

  • Week 08 - Humanitarian and Healtchare Logistics (JE)
  • Week 09 - Supply Chain Risk and Resilience (NG)
  • Week 10 - Freight Demand Modelling (JE)


For information on the coursework assigned throughout this module, please refer to this page.

For any questions regarding this course, please get in touch with the module coordinator, Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis.