Assignment 3 - Group Assignment

(Assignment due on 31/03/21, at 4pm GMT)

This assignment provides a set of tasks for the manipulation of data and strategic planning of a supply chain. You will be developing python code based on the notebooks examples provided in the lectures. The final submission should include the code used to solve the tasks, as well as a report that discusses the methods used, as well as some tasks that are specific to the report.

The code should be presented in a readable and easy to understand manner, utilising comments that indicates the process being used. Discussion on the appropriedness and reliability of the methods used should be part of the report.

The detailed instructions of the assignment and submission instructions are provided in the following document.

The data files and example code can be accessed through the following link.

Hints and tips

  • The list of tasks has been structured in a way that can be divided among group members. While we expect every member of the group to contribute equally to this assignment, in practice it is possible that some group members will focus more on coding, and others on preparing the discussion for the report.
  • Sample Jupyter/Python notebooks have been provided that contain the majority of code that you would need to undertake these tasks, with only minor adjustments (ie. chaining of activities, or minor changes to the formulations).
  • Coursework 3 can be carried out using material and theoretic concepts covered by Lectures 1 to 7. While materials from subsequent lectures are also applicable, we do not expect you to apply them (at least in the technical/coding aspects of this assignment).

Good luck!