Vehicle Routing - Jupyter Notebooks

This week’s notebooks focus on the methods to solve the different iterations of the VRP studied in this session.

These notebooks include PuLP implementations of the VRP instances seen in this session, as well as a Sweep, Savings, and Genetic Algorithm implementation.

  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem: We solve the capacitated vehicle routing problem to improve on the solution of the multiple traveling salesperson problem.

  • Sweep Method: To solve the vehicle routing problem quickly, perhaps even at the cost of not having the best solution, we apply the sweep method, as learned in class.

  • Savings Method: We solve the vehicle routing problem, and we apply the savings method, as learned in class.

  • Vehicle Routing Problem - Genetic Algorithm: We again apply the genetic algorithm, but this time to solve the vehicle routing problem.

Running the notebooks

You can download a zip file containing all the notebooks that we covered in this session from the link below:

Download notebooks