Assignment 2 - Transport Network Analytics

(Assignment due on 29/11 – extended to 01/12)

In this assignment, you will practice your new mathematical model building and network analysis skills in a real-world transport infrastructure analytics problem.

The assignment is designed to be tackled by a group of 4-5 students. Even though the various tasks are largely interdependent, they have been selected in a way that would allow your teams to commence work in them in parallel.


The marking scheme for this assignment will be awarded as follows:

  • 90%: for answers that are correct and supported by a well-written/presented report.
  • 10%: through peer assessment of contribution and effort (within each group).

Your assignment

The assignment is due on the 29th of November (now the 1st of December).

Assignment 2

Supporting Data

Submission Instructions

As a group, you will need to submit three items via Blackboard:

  1. Plagiarism declaration
  2. Report submission via Turnitin a. Please name your report: GROUPXX - Report.pdf (where XX is the number of your group
  3. Code submission in a zip file a. Please name your zip file: GROUPXX - (where XX is the number of your group) b. The zip file should contain any python codes, jupyter notebooks, and supporting data files that your codes depend upon. Make sure that any code that you submit can be executed. c. Also include an html version of your notebooks (you can generate this through the Jupyter interface).

Individually, you will also need to submit one more item: 4. Peer assessment of individual member contributions within a group.

Supplementary Video (Optional)

It is completely optional to use GitHub as part of the collaborative version control process. In the following video Dr Jose Escribano Macias runs through the basics of GitHub and how to use it. You will need to create an account on GitHub using your Imperial email address and download GitHub Desktop.

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Good luck!