Supply Chains - Jupyter Notebooks

Notebook 5.1 - Continuous Facility Location

This notebook gives an overview of solving the continuous facility problem using the cvxpy python-embedded modeling language for convex optimisation problems. We cannot use the default solver provided by PuLP, as we are working with non-linearities.

Notebook 5.2 - Single Facility Network Location Problem

This notebook gives an example of how to solve a single facility network location problem using PuLP.

Notebook 5.3 - Multiple Facility Network Location Problem

This notebook extends on the single facility network location problem through introduction of a new variable, the number of facilities.

Notebook 5.4 - Capacitated Facility Network Location Problem

To solve the capacitated facility network location problem, we first generate random facility capacities and customer demands and continue with PuLP.

Notebook 5.5 - Estimating Level of Service

In this notebook, we estimate the level of service for a given facility capacity of a set number of facilities.

We encourage you to have a look at the notebooks and understand the differences between the various supply chain problems.

You can download all notebooks for Session 5 along with the data used in the notebook 5.1 from the link below.

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