Transport Systems & Logistics Laboratory Imperial College London

Felix Feng

Research Associate & Laboratory Manager


Felix (Yuxiang) Feng is a Research Associate at the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory in the Centre for Transport studies. His current research focuses on the the use of automotive system models to facilitate the safety validation of autonomous vehicles.

The primary aim of his work is to develop highly configurable models of automotive systems, that simulate the motions host vehicles and their interactions with other road users.

Before joining TSL, Felix obtained a PhD in the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre at the University of Bath. He also received an MSc in Mechatronics from the same institution, and a BEng in Mechatronics from Tongji University.

His doctoral research focused on the development of personalised driver models to investigate the influence of driving style on fuel consumption. His models were calibrated from real world driving data using machine learning techniques. Satisfactory performance was obtained when evaluating the driver models in a procedure anchored to standard WLTC drive cycle test.


  • University of Bath: PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2019)
  • University of Bath: MSc in Mechatronics Engineering (2014)
  • Tongi University: BEng in Mechatronics Engineering (2013)