Transport Systems & Logistics Laboratory

About us

Our focus lies in developing autonomous transport systems for freight distribution and passenger transportation across land, water, and air, with an emphasis on efficiency, operational resilience, and interactions with the built environment.

TSL is led by Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis and involves a team of over 15 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with expertise in operations research, transportation engineering, robotics, and computer science. We work closely with our network of industrial partners, government agencies, and consultancies.

Our ambition is to promote the adoption of cutting-edge automation technologies and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the transportation sector in the years to come.

Research Areas

Autonomous Transport Systems
We develop the models and technologies that enhance the efficiency and safety of these systems. We address critical aspects like AV Safety, Perception, and Control. A big proportion of our ongoing work focuses on the area of collaborative control. We use simulations to enrich our understanding of the dynamics of these systems.
Autonomous Transport Systems
Logistics & Freight Transport
Our research in freight transport covers urban, humanitarian, maritime, and construction logistics. We focus on collaborative distribution planning and the effects of multi-stakeholder interaction and market competition. We examine the impact of automation on operational efficiency and economic performance.
Logistics & Freight Transport
Network Modelling & Optimisation
We develop advanced algorithms and models for applications in resilience modelling, large-scale infrastructure design and service deployment modelling. Our research leverages mathematical optimisation, game-theory and agent-based modelling.
Network Modelling & Optimisation


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